5900 Lesage

Project Description

The client’s requirement: “We’d like something that let’s people know our rental is a major upgrade from an condo, or townhouse.”

Project Details

Services Custom Site, Maintenance
Theme Divi
Tools Photoshop CC, Sip, Capto

Design Considerations

The goal with 5900LeSage was to communicate a sense of quality and near-luxury upon first page view.

Using a color pallet based on dark greens associates the text with the imagery.

Feature Highlight

Image Gallery

Two styles of image galleries were incorporated into the design of 5900LeSage.

The mobile user is presented with a slider while the desktop user receives a grid. The choices here take advantage of the differences of the two platforms. Using a slider, the mobile visitor is able to swipe through the images single-handedly. The grid displayed to desktop users allows them to selectively choose the image they wish to view. Tapping or clicking on any image results in a full-screen gallery.

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