First United Methodist Church of Canoga Park

Project Description

The client’s requirement: “Attracting a younger audience. That and being able to accept donations online.”

Project Details

Services Custom Hosting, Maintenance
Theme Divi
Tools Photoshop CC, Paypal

Design Considerations

Purity. Cleanliness. Reverence. These are the values used to base the color pallet and fonts for First United Methodist Church of Canoga Park. Keeping with a white background offset with a soft blue and greens delivers a clean, respectful appearance.

Feature Highlight

Paypal Donation Buttons

Working with the pastor and finance staff testing and demonstrating leading donation solutions, we settled on PayPal Donation Buttons as the method most suitable for FUMCCP. The leading decsision driver was the net cost per donation. The service with the lowest cost per transaction won the challenge. PayPal stood on top of the heap after the dust settled.

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